NRSG367: Transition to Professional Practice – Clinical Governance – Nursing Assignment Help


For this assessment task students will be required to reflect upon a previous clinical experience of providing nursing care and select two of the NSQSS that were relevant and provide a written response to this question reflecting on examples from nursing clinical placement.

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Explain to the panel your understanding of two of the NSSQS standards and provide a nursing clinical example of how you provided nursing care that contributed to this standard during your clinical placement?

Clinical Governance

Partnering with consumers

Preventing & controlling health care associated infection

Medication safety

Comprehensive Care

Communicating for patient safety

Blood management

Recognizing and responding to acute deterioration

Evidence of critical thinking and analysis as well as a critique of personal actions should be demonstrated. In addition, consideration of how the outcomes of this reflection will impact on the student’s interview success must be evident

Task: 2

Industry Interview Reflection-National Safety & Quality Standards.

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