APA format (include citation within the tex and reference page- 1.5 pages (cover page a reference page not counted)Six strategies to improve guidelines and protocols for the delivery of health services in the future where mentioned in the textbook:1 Practitioners, payers, and policy makers need to become stakeholders.2. Computer-based models will have to be developed to incorporate EBM into medical decisions making. Models that are easily usable and understandable are essential.3. Robust research designs, using clinical trials where applicable, should be the backbone of EBM.4. Guidelines and protocols must be revised and kept current to incorporate subsequent scientific evidence.5. Future practice guidelines must incorporate economic analysis. Mounting health care expenditures will pressure society to make rational choices about when certain types of services become unwarranted because costs begin to exceed the expected benefits from certain treatments.6. Financial incentives, including provider payments and patient cost sharing, must be restructured. Reimbursement methods should focus on paying for best achievable outcomes and the most effective care over the course of treatment instead of paying for units of service.choose two and offer an analysis of your choice. Include citations to support your thoughts.

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