1. The management of a healthcare organization has asked you to create a poster or job aid to be hung in the employee break room illustrating the appropriate use of PHI in the workplace.

Create a digital poster using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Publisher®, Word, or sites such as Glogster or Piktochart, that illustrates the appropriate use of PHI by employees in a healthcare organization.

Include the following in the poster:

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  • A definition of PHI
  • What is considered PHI
  • Solutions for protecting PHI
  • Reference to HIPAA including exemptions for data sharing

Cite two references on your poster. Use your creativity to add appropriate images and links.

2. Research typical organizational structures in the healthcare setting by visiting the website of several hospitals, medical groups, and private practice organizations.

Create an organizational chart using any Microsoft® program or sites such as Lucidchart, that includes the following detail:

  • Management hierarchy including CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, and CMO with definitions of each.
  • Departmental breakdown that includes administrative functions, clinical activities, and other functions.
  • A summary of the organization including number of employees, type of services offered, and overall size.

Submit the organizational chart as a PDF, or link to your chart, to the Assignment Files tab above.

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