Constant change in the health care delivery system requires nurses to be flexible in their role. Flexibility is the key to success during periods of change. Professional nurses need to open themselves up to a variety of ideas in order to arrive at a perspective of health care that enhances the practice of nursing. Fundamental to this concept is the ability to work in teams. No single individual can know everything that is required for practice today, and so the team becomes the focus. The Institute of Medicine emphasizes that teams improve skills, communication, participation, and effectiveness and includes use of inter-professional teams as one of the key five core health care professions competencies. Teams play a critical role in ensuring integration and coordination of care for patients.

Part 1: To begin the EBP quality improvement project group members will select a problem within the group that is common to all students. This one-page topic proposal should include the problem that you are working on, what are you trying to improve? Why did your group select this problem? The goal for the practice improvement project should be to “tell the story” of your improvement project. This is the first page of your group final presentation paper. This assignment should be preparatory work for your practice improvement paper and class presentation (it must be submitted to faculty for approval).

Part 2: This is a formal 10-12 page paper on your EBP practice improvement project. This assignment requires the use of evidence based references. Proper APA format and citation is expected for this assignment (See directions and rubrics).

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Part 3: The group presentation will cover the topic of interest chosen for the practice improvement paper. Each group will prepare and present a PowerPoint poster. See the following video for directions “How to Create a Scientific Poster in PowerPoint”

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