wards Lake Community Hospital balance sheet as of December 31, 2017, follows.

Balance Sheet
As of December 31, 2017
  Current assets:
     Cash and Cash Equivalents$272,600
      Accounts and notes receivable (net of uncollectible accounts of $15,900)26,600
          Total current assets371,800
  Assets limited as to use:
          Total assets limited as to use246,960
  Property, plant, and equipment:
     Buildings (net of accumulated depreciation of $1,623,100)2,893,500
        Equipment (net of accumulated depreciation of $1,024,600)1,859,000
          Total property, plant, and equipment4,963,100
  Total assets$5,581,860
  Liabilities and Net Assets
  Current liabilities:
     Accounts payable$19,300
     Accrued payroll45,200
     Current portion of mortgage payable505,000
          Total current liabilities569,500
  Long-term debt—mortgage payable2,510,000
  Total liabilities3,079,500
  Net assets:
     Designated for plant246,860
    Temporarily restricted172,2402,502,360
  Total liabilities and net assets$5,581,860
The following are the transactions of Edwards Lake Community Hospital during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017.
(1)Information related to accrual of revenues and gains is as follows:
  Patient services revenue, gross$3,501,000  
  Charity care211,760  
  Contractual adjustments to patient service revenues1,521,000  
  Other operating revenues998,950  
(2)Cash received includes:
  Interest on investments in Assets Limited as to Use7,450
  Collections of receivables2,961,100  
(3)Expenses of $891,500 were recorded in accounts payable and $1,454,990 in accrued payroll. Since some of the nursing expenses met a temporary net asset restriction, $94,500 was released from temporary restrictions.
  Administration expenses446,980  
  General services expenses524,610  
  Nursing services expenses1,031,900  
  Other professional services expenses343,000  
(4)Cash paid includes:
  Interest expense (allocated half to nursing services      and half to general services)$281,000  
  Payment on mortgage principal505,000  
  Accounts payable for purchases837,000  
  Accrued payroll1,280,000  
(5)Interest of $1,230 accrued on investments in Assets Limited as to Use.
(6)Depreciation charges for the year amounted to $117,500 for the buildings and $129,000 for equipment. Depreciation was allocated 45 percent to nursing services, 15 percent to other professional services and 20 percent to each administrative and general services.
(7)Other information:
(a)Provision for uncollectible receivables was determined to be adequate.
(b)Supplies inventory balances:
  General services9,0009,500
  Nursing services17,50017,000
  Other professional

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