HCS433 week4 1.You have been asked to coordinate a health fair for older adults in your community. You have 10 booths to fill with health education materials. Considering the information gathered in this chapter, list what you think are the 10 most important educational topics for this age group. 2.     What are some obstacles that may prevent older adults from utilizing mental health services? What are some mental health disorders older adults can be diagnosed with? 3.     What are the various housing options available to older persons? 4.     Are the stages of the health continuum dynamic or static? 5.     Locate the smoking cessation classes in your area, and find out what treatment is used. Ask the director of smoking cessation classes in your area what percentage of older people attend. In the director’s opinion, what is the success rate with elders? How does it compare with success rates for other age groups? 6.     Visit a shopping mall, drugstore, supermarket, or some other public place, and tally how many individuals have visible health problems, as well as their approximate ages. 7.     What health problem seems most common? Can you detect any difference in types and numbers of problems with age? 8.     Include the impact of the disease on the overall quality of the person’s life. Be sure to include the psychological, social, and economic effects. Assuming the individual in the case has a spouse, describe the impact on that family member. If you have a family member with one of the diseases discussed in this chapter, ask her or him for permission to conduct an interview and write up her or his case experience with chronic illness.

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