Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on APN Leader Interview. It needs to be at least 1250 words.Morris A. Magnan. Dr. Morris is an advanced practice nurse in the field of clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and the recipient of the clinical nurse specialist research award of the year 2009.The purpose of the interview would stimulate the interest of the student nurses as well as nurse practitioners on the significance of advanced nurse practitioner. The interview is equally purposed to pinpoint the influence nursing has on health sector delivery coupled with the necessity of research in nursing as a means of improvement in the standards of nursing care delivery. Through an interview with an advanced specialist in nursing, other upcoming nurses can learn through the experience and accumulation in knowledge of other fellow nurses (Varkey, Reller, & Resar, 2007).An interview held with Dr. Morris A. Magnan in his office at the college of nursing research center at Wayne state university revealed a composition of nine core competencies in advanced nurse practice that are important in his specialty as a clinical nurse specialty. Below is part of the documented interview that highlighted the significance of the core competencies in his specialty.(At 9:00am in Dr. Morris A. Magnan’s office in Wayne state university department of nursing sciences. The office is visibly organized with a couple of paperwork sorted in different trays on the table. On the wall hang three charts with the one behind Dr. Morris demonstrating mechanisms with which pressure sores can be prevented especially in the geriatric patients. Dr. Morris formally invites me to his office signifying the need to begin the interview.)Dr. Morris: Nursing is undeniably a significant profession in health care delivery. With the improvement in technology and changing in lifestyle, there is continuous diagnosis of new infections and conditions. The future of nursing will thus depend on the

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